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About Vincenzo Chianese


My name is Vincenzo Chianese, I am an Italian Software developer currently working for Stoplight as a full stack developer.

Moreover, I’m leading the Express-Gateway project, the first API Gateway written in Javascript and running on NodeJS

Historically I’ve been a .NET developer, although I stopped once I joined Apiary to jump on the JavaScript boat, which is where I still am at the moment.

In my working hours I spend time trying solving problems using the appropriate technologies based on the projects’ requirements (failing every single time). During my spare time, I try to develop open source software, writing articles on topics I’m interested in, working out and partying hard.

Despite that, I did not work always on a chair and with a laptop. In my career I’ve also worked on construction yards, where we were basically testing the control software for differend kind of machines, such as photovoltaic/wind plants.

I play the classic guitar since I was 15 years old and, like Fernando Sor and Francisco Tarrega, I do not have nails on right hand. That brought me a lot of problems with my teachers while studying at National Conservatory, but I was always able to win the battle.

I own a great Bernabé M-10, built in 2006

I love Spanish language. One time I was in Spain and I liked so much that language that I decided to buy a book for babies entirely in Spanish: El Principito. When I felt that was enough proficient in Spanish, I started to stop persons on the street when I was able to detect that they were talking in Spanish, and asked for small conversation.

Moreover, in order to became even more fluent, I decided to move in an shared house with 1 Spanish girl, 1 Spanish Guy, a Mexican girl and a Cuban boy, that is where I’ve been living for almost two years. On the other side, I consider my English terrible (orroroso, por ser preciso).

During July 2015 I was in Lisbon, and I liked the language so much and decided that probably learning Portoguese would have been a good idea. I still can’t manage it properly, but I’m not that terrible.

Once Apiary was acquired by Oracle and I figured out what they had next to us, I decided to leave the Czech Republic after 3 years and relocate in Madrid, which is where I am living right now.