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Angular-Formly Siren Actions

A great thing about working on a pet project is that you can get rid of your daily routine and move to your favourite frameworks, tools and interests.

During my work on pollsApiClient, I decided to go using angular-formly as I described on my previous post (check it if you want further details).

While using it, I found lack for a native support for Siren Actions, and I filed an issue for that thing; the problem was, by the way, out of scope and it was not going to be fixed.

By the way, I decided to contribute back to the project and make an automatic transformer for angular-formly. After some consultations with the manteiner, I am quite happy to announce angular-formly-siren-action

To be honest, it is nothing really great. The current source code is a simple map function using lodash:

import _ from 'lodash'

export default function mapSirenToFormly(fields) {
  return _(this.action.fields).map(field => {
    return {
      type: + '.' + field.type,
      defaultValue: field.value,
      templateOptions: {
        label: field.title ||

Still, it is great to contribute back to some project, even if in just a small way.