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I've joined Apiary

I’ve joined Apiary as software developer.


What is Apiary?

Apiary is a SaaS that supercharges your APIBlueprints with interactive documentation, API mock, test suites, validations, traffic inspector and collaboration.

Apiary is the GitHub for APIs.


These guys are building amazing stuff and promoting a completely new way to build software: Api Driven Development. You can find bunch of information just googling around, and I am really proud to join into such kind of company.

What are you going to do as a “Software Developer”?

Apiary is not just platform. You can realize it just having a quick look at out Github repository and see how many project are there that currently are powering platform. That is just 10% of what we want to do. We’re planning a lot of amazing stuff for you.

Are you leaving enterprise experiences?

I really hope that, forever. Enterprise companies have really few in common with software development, at least in my experiences. Stop working for a customer focused company to a developer focused one was one of my career step that I am finally making. I really hope I will not deal with fake enterprise anymore. I’ll try to share more about the Italian enterprise acceptation.

Are you leaving .NET ecosystem as well?

Absolutely NOT. While .NET stack is a bit far from actual technology in Apiary, I like to write about myself as

nodeJS developer by day, .NET addicted by night. Or viceversa.

API are API and not language depending. Tooling is, and this is a very interesting field where I would like to continue to work on. .NET developers are a huge part of the market and it is going to be expanded due to recent opensourcing of dotnetfxcore. I’ll do my best to bring (or at least, propose to bring!) all Apiary tools into the amazing Visual Studio suite.

Are you moving?

Definitely yes! I have accepted to relocate in Prague. However, Apiary is present in San Francisco too, and I can’t wait until my first job trip.