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API Elements for Visual Studio Code

I’m really happy to announce today the first release of vscode-apielements, a Visual Studio Code extension whose aim is to make your life easier when working with API Blueprint and Swagger documents.


I have been developing this extension for fun during my spare time in order to understand the model behind Visual Studio Code.

I am so happy that the thing evolved in a way that now is almost a fully working extension, on whose I count to work on it almost continuously.

Supported features

  1. Syntax highlight
  2. Parser error and warnings
  3. Useful snippets
  4. Basic symbol navigation (CMD + @)
  5. Best parser selection

Those are a good starting point; you can find a detailed explanation as well a small roadmap on Github project page.

The code, as I just said, has been released on Github, but you can download the extension directly in your VSCode installation looking for vscode-apielements.

There’s also a very nice link on their marketplace page

I’d like to thank Apiary for the tools which made this possible.